The thoughtless victim

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Journal Entry 252

It's day 252, I am still alive, my supplies are running out. It looks like, I'll have to go looking around for food, very soon again. They have mostly stopped moving around the town recently, it looks like they have run out of victims, and have stagnated until they find their next prey, some of them have turned to violence towards buildings and structures, most of Bosnia is under ruins, Sarajevo is mostly occupied by them, based on the broadcasts I'm afraid its the same for the americans, and possibly the whole world.

If someone is hearing my broadcast, its November 22nd , 2032. Several years ago, after the tech revolution, most people started interacting with each other on social media, over time they were stuck in feedback loops with algorithms and machine generated content, most humans transitioned from reading longform text, to short text, to videos, to short 10 seconds videos, it took 2 decades from the 2000s, until most people couldnt focus more then a 5 second clip, attention span deteriorated exponentially, dopamine overdoses reached all-time high, to the point most people struggled to live daily without being constantly pleasured.

This addiction, overtime normalised violence, disorders, and magnified them to the point, being able to stay stable for more then a minute was considered rare, by the mid 2020s, civilisation broke down, and the wild west with no rules, became mainstream, the cement jungle was the term coined by the remaining few who still had not been trapped by this infection. By the time, people realised ways to cure this problem, it had already crossed the point of no return.

These people had no name, they were simply referenced in third person, by us, the outnumbered.

Due to the downfall, our global comms network, went down, with it went down the internet. However this made them, even more violent, as they started to seek the same level of stimulation from the physical world. They took to heavy destruction, violence on the outnumbered, most of us have gone into hiding, it's been 3 months, since I've last seen my peers. My current shelter is covered by them, despite all these months, I still haven't found a safe exit. But with the supplies running short, it looks like I'll have to.

Its almost night now, there is a chance to go past them under the veil of darkness, this might be my last broadcast,

I'll report, if I come back safely, until then goodbye.

So long,


      /` _`\
     |  (_()| .-.
      \_  _/_/   \
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